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Cheaper floats & free sessions

During your busy life it is important to keep your health on par with your ambitions. This requires taking a moment of deep relaxation every now and then because: a healthy mind rests on a healthy body. A float and a massage is perfect for this goal and the combination works almost like magic: recharging you so you can continue doing what it is you do best.

For this exact reason Koan Float offers you a discounted way of floating regularly. You can even save up for a free session!

Eliminate your daily stress with a regular float, a massage or both and buy your membership now.

Giftcard Koan Float

Membership card

For only €5 per year you can give yourself a float at a discounted rate as often as you like.

The benefits of a membership:

You’ll receive a membership card that offers you the following:

  • 5% discount on all float sessions (45 & 60 minutes)
  • 5% discount on float subscriptions
  • You’ll receive ONE POINT for every float or massage
  • A combination session will entitle you to TWO POINTS
  • By the time you have 10 POINTS you’ll receive a free float session!*
  • Bringing a friend? He or she receives a 5% discount as well!
  • Access to special discounts offered for our members only
  • Super easy reservations with your membership-card number

*a free session for one person, 45 or 60 minutes, only on Mondays to Fridays.

Get your membership now

It’s very easy!

Use our booking-module to buy a membership. You’ll be guided through the necessary steps. You can use your membership immediately to book a float, massage or combination.