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Each type of massage is given on different days, so if you specifically want to have a massage in one of the mentioned techniques, we recommend that you make your reservation well in advance, so that you can choose from the available days. A classic relaxation massage is booked when no specific demands are made.

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The deep state of relaxation reached during a floating session is perfect in combination with a massage. We recommend you to float after your massage, especially for first-time-floaters. In that way you start the floating session completely relaxed. However, each guest of Koan Float has his/her own preference, so please feel free to choose your own personal order.

Cancellations made 24 hours prior to the scheduled appointment are free of charge. All other cancellations are subject to the cancellation fee (100%).

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If you have a nut allergy, please inform us when making your booking. The masseur can then choose the appropriate oil for the massage.


If you take the same precautions as you do before swimming then floating is allowed during your menstruation period.

Yes, although it is always sensible to check with your doctor first. The weightless environment of the tank is actually greatly benefical for expectant mothers and is experienced as very relaxing. Stress and stain on your back and abdominal muscles is alleviated during your float. The deep state of mental relaxation is also wonderful for both mother and child. If you experience a lot of nausea during your pregnancy or when in doubt, then please contact us before your float session.

We recommend thoroughly wetting your hair during the shower before floating and tying up long hair in a ponytail or bun. This treatment helps care for your hair, as hair saturated with clean water won’t absorb salt. Please note that using hair masks before your float session is not allowed.

A light lunch or souper is advised, please do not arrive on an empty stomach before floating. However it’s not advised to eat a heavy meal before your session. Please note that the use of alcohol and/or drugs is strictly forbidden before your float and/or massage.

No, this is not possible. Some people may fall asleep during floating, while becoming completely relaxed. This is a wonderful experience! The salt levels in the water ensures enough buoyancy, which makes it impossible to effortlessly turn around while floating.

Sure! Floating is a very unique experience and it is wonderful to share it with a friend. We have three floatrooms and we can schedule your floats simultaneously. However it is not possible to share the same tank.

Our advanced filtration system filters the water between each float session ensuring a totally clean, sterile environment. The water is cleaned using a UV light filter, hydrogen peroxide and 500 kg’s of Epsom-salt. It is tested daily by ourselves on PH value, salt levels and temperature. Furthermore, it is tested monthly by an independent laboratory.

Floating is not suitable for children under the age of 14. The experience is that they get easily bored during the session. You may accompany or supervise your young child. Please contact us before making a reservation to discuss the possibilities.

No, you float within your own individual private room, so there is no need to wear a swimsuit or trunks. Each of our rooms has it’s own shower and changing facilities is for your exclusive use for the duration of your session. Everything is included in the price so you don’t need to worry about towels, a bathrobe, and hair/care products.

Nothing at all! We provide everything such as towels, shampoo/shower gel, shower cap (upon request), care products, hairdryer and earplugs. If you wear contact lenses, you’re advised to bring lense-box.


Avoid shaving at least three hours before your float as freshly shaved skin may be irritated by the salty water and thereby detract from the experience. A light lunch or souper before your session is no problem (and is advised), however the use of alcohol/drugs is strictly forbidden.

When suffering lightly psoriasis only, you are allowed to float. With more severe scin complaints or when in doubt, please contact us or your doctor before making your reservation. It is always healthy for your skin, however the salty water may sting (in case of open wounds etc.).

The measurements of the floating tank are large (long 220cm, wide 180cm and the height is 155cm). The fact that your float tank is in a private room (meaning there is no need to close the lid of the tank) and that you’re in complete control of the light, the music and the intercom from the inside at all times, gives you the total control of your environment. In general all our clients experience the floatsession as very pleasant, even claustrofobic people.

The measurements from the inside of the floatation tank are very large:
Long 220cm
Wide 145cm and
Height 140cm

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